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Day 3 Recap December 10, 2011

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I hadn’t posted anything recap for day 2 or preview for day 3. I’ve been busy running around class, work, and the newspaper that I’ve haven’t had that much time. I haven’t met any goals I’ve set for myself and I’ve been feeling incredibly stressed out and depressed. I still have a healthy appetite though. I’m going to try finish reviewing this biology chapter I’m reading at least for tonight.


  • I did poorly on the quiz and exam I took today and did not finish my homework.
  • I’ve been oversleeping so I put no effort into my appearance. Also, I have one pair of contacts left and I probably won’t pick up my new set for a week.
  • The person I spend the most time with there is actually the person I can stand the least. It’s very frustrating trying to hold a conversation with her, because she just doesn’t care for what you’re talking about and is very judgmental. I’m trying to limit my time with her and see if I can have more fluid conversations with other people.
  • I saw the boy I used to like with his girlfriend tonight. I lost touch with him this semester, although he was one of my closest friends last year.
  • This weekend, I’m running the section alone. My co-editor is unavailable and I have two exams that day. This week in particular, a lot of our stories are coming in late.

I will be very stressed but writing this out has actually helped a little. I don’t feel as sad and going out just to grab food allows me to run into other people and that makes me feel better. I’m trying to appreciate the people I’m with more. Just because I have a few shitty friends doesn’t mean I should act negatively toward all of them. And I don’t deserve to have good friends unless I try to be one myself. I don’t deserve good grades unless I work for them. Same logic.

Walking home from work, I resolved to do well in school, even if it killed me. Literally, it’s drastic, but unless I have that mindset, my grades won’t improve.

I’ve been thinking it’s nice to work in a lab. I might choose it over medical school, but I’m not sure yet. I just like the thought of working in a place where I’m comfortable and coming home to dinner and maybe some television.


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