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Day 2 Preview December 8, 2011

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[final recap of Day 1]

Dinner was fine. It was nice at some points. J and I ended up having to take a shuttle back because there weren’t enough rides. It was raining and the first shuttle passed by us. I came back wet and numb.

I’ve been aware for a while that I don’t actually have good friends here. The only person who I’d actually consider to be a good friend here is J. I’ve been thinking about transferring/graduating early, but it’s close to impossible.

[Day 2]


  • wake up a half hour earlier
  • review bio-lab within 2 hours

 Hmm, I wish B never gave me her Facebook password sometimes. I keep logging on to it and feeling disappointed with my own life, which is why I deactivated my own account in the first place. She gave it to me so I could keep in touch with our old high school friends, but I put it on a 24 hour long blacklist for now.


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